Providing Protection & Aid At Major Events

After more than 30 years innovation in emergency medical technology, we are more prepared than ever to add our expertise, reliability and responsiveness to the best possible team in the organization of major world events: your team. 

Here are some services that SAMU offers for major events:

  • Volunteer training and specialization in sports events.
  • Audit requirements, organizational consulting and specialized training.
  • Validation plans and direct services anywhere in the world.
  • Direct participation in major international events.

Our experience in big events

  • World Youth Days Madrid 2011
  • Davis Cup Sevilla 2011
  • Angola Africa Cup 2010
  • Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan
  • Davis Cup Sevilla 2004
  • World Athletics Seville 99
  • Sevilla Expo 92
  • Barcelona Olympic Games 92
  • World Cup Spain 82

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