Operation Kathmandu

At the SAMU Foundation, we work to respond to incidents everywhere. After the serious earthquake in Nepal, SAMU Foundation sent a team of professionals and students to care for the affected population.

This mission was possible thanks to the Obra Social La Caixa, Rotary International, Head Menarini, University of Sevilla, Municipal Sports  Institute, Sevilla Rural School, the Carracillo of Segovia, as well as many others who helped us get resources to help the people of Nepal.

Once on location, the SAMU team merged with Foundation volunteers and the Bridge 2 Nepal organization, who specializes in the distribution of food, hygiene kits and first aid. This collaboration reinforced the capabilities of both institutions, and made this mission successful.

Funds raised in this campaign have been allocated, even after the return of our team, to help rebuild the orphanage “Given Gaum Children Home” in Kathmandu.

Mission Technical Info

  • Name: Operation Kathmandu
  • Associates:
    • Nepal Bridge 2
    • Obra Social La Caixa
    • Rotary International
    • Responsible Menarini
    • University of Sevilla
    • Municipal Sports Institute Sevilla
    • The Rural School Grouped Carracillo Segovia
  • Country: Nepal
  • Date: May 10, 2015
  • Returning: June 11, 2015
  • Populations Served:
    • 13 People
    • 3 Orphanages
  • Quota Number: 1
  • Number of Participants in SAMU: 6 People
    • 1 Head of Mission
    • 2 Doctors
    • 3 Nurses
  • Total Speakers: 11 Persons
    • 1 Head of Mission
    • 3 Doctors
    • 3 Nurses
    • 2 Humanitarian Management Specialists
    • 1 Architect
    • 1 Logista
  • Attendance Number: 1748 people
    • Assists Base: 474 people
    • Assists in Roaming: 1274 people

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