Philippines Mission 2013

The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7107 islands which is located between Bantayan focus of action will be our foundation. Because of its location, the islands experienced an average of 20 typhoons a year during the rainy season. On November 7, 2013 reached the islands Typhoon Haiyan (also known as Yolanda) whipping Bantayan Island causing death and leaving the island devastated in its wake. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 16 million people have suffered the consequences of this phenomenon on its way through the islands.

After the passage of Haiyan the situation has worsened for many families, but because they have lost not only their homes, but also by poor sanitary conditions in which they are forced to live. In disasters of this kind, hygiene and sanitation are of particular importance for the prevention of infectious and communicable diseases. Ensure basic hygiene is imperative to maintain good community health.

In the wake of super typhoon, Foundation SAMU, in collaboration with the School of Emergency SAMU and other organizations launched a mission north of the island of Cebu that remained in area more than five months, a total of 27 doctors, nurses and logisticians split into five quotas. During our time there have been multiple medical missions with both temporary and traveling teams foundations; collaborating with other organizations in the area in the food distribution and logistics efforts as well as training in health for the population area.

Mission Technical Info

  • Mission Name: Operation Philippines 2013
  • Country: Philippines.
  • Date: November 15, 2013
  • Returning: April 25, 2014
  • Populations Served: Panitugan, Atop-atop, Baigad, Biagayag, Baod, Biactos, Bunakan, Kabac, Doong, Hagdan, Hilotongan, Guiwanon, Kabangbang, Kampingganon, Kaongkod, Kodia landmark Okoy, Patao, San Agustin, chairs, Sungko, Suba, Sulangan, Tamiao, Tabagak, among others.
  • Quota number 5
  • Number of Participants in SAMU: 27
  • Range of professionals involved: doctors, psychiatrist, nurse, psychologist, logisticians, engineers, technicians in emergencies
  • Number Attendance: 7,340
    • Assists Base: 1,079
    • Roaming Assists: 6,261

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