Ready to be the center of attention

SAMU International is a subsidiary of the internationalization of SAMU. With full capability for rapid international deployment, SAMU currently maintains an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and works closely with the authorities of that country in training health professionals for large-scale events.

Our participation in Brazil

  • 2013 World Youth Conference in Rio de Janeiro
  • 2014 World Cup
  • 2016 Olympic Games

We are ready to gain the trust and support of millions of people around the world

Services for international events

  • Audit requirements.
  • Management Consulting.
  • Specializing in training:
    • Senior Management of Crisis.
    • Major Events Management.
    • Crisis Management.
    • Emergencies.
    • Volunteer Training.
  • Validation of emergency plans.
  • Provision of direct services.

Preparations specializing in emergency training

Our achievements

  • Our Emergency school in Spain is a leader in the specialized formation of emergency training (600 students/year).
  • Three decades of offering specialized training, disaster assistance and humanitarian action (UECAH) with international practices.

International Courses

  • Senior Management in Crisis Management.
  • Fundamentals of Care and Disaster multiple victims.
  • Handling of biological, chemical, radiological and dangerous goods incidents.
  • Volunteers course for Major Events.
  • Health Management for Major Events.
  • Global Traffic Accident Management.
  • Hospital Equipment Organization Critical Care in the Emergency Service polytrauma.

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