Pioneers in training Emergency professionals

SAMU Emergency School aims to improve the level of professional training for accidents and emergencies.

To makes these improvements, we started the Centro de Formación Profesional Sanitaria in Gelves, Sevilla, a pioneer in Spain, which offers three health specialties.

In addition to the Centro de Formación Profesional Sanitaria, our health training also offers a masters program that is highly recognized. 

  • School is 17,000 m 2 in size and contains 13 classrooms.
  • Auditorium, library, shops and offices-giving.
  • American track, pool, tennis, driving track 4 × 4.
  • Area crash simulation and rail accidents.
  • Confined, flooded, ruined areas, paper tower and climbing wall.
  • Heliport and ambulance driving track.

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