Quality education

We are committed to excellence in teaching. We promote research, innovation and development as a means for the continued growth of our school.

Also, we provide the students with the best professionals with the best means.

To do this, we stress the importance of the major factors:

  • Our teachers / are highly qualified professionals with experience in the different subjects they teach. They receive ongoing training through specialized courses, masters, symposia, etc. in response to current needs.
  • Our resources ensure that we offer the widest variety of training using many instruments: inflatable tents campaign, lightweight command posts, mobile ICU, assets, stretchers, patient simulators with physiological behavior, recording classrooms, 17,000 m2 of open space, dental workshops, focal, own social care centers, etc.
  • Our alumni / ae develop necessary skills to perform their professional work, ensuring excellence in their performances. In the learning process, they have an active role: they acquire problem solving strategies in real situations of stress, build teamwork, enhance critical thinking skills etc., 

We guarantee an excellent quality of education through our teaching program that welcomes change and commits to the present needs while simultaneously searching for improvements. 


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