SAMU Social has several centers

Santa Ana

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A dependent residence designed to address comprehensive care to people over 16 years old who are severely disabled.

San Lucas

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``Stay the Day`` center for intellectually disabled people and people with conduct disorder. Since 2009, this center has worked to promote independence and the development of psychomotor skills.

San Sebastián

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Home for the care of people with brain damage and behavioral disorders located in Cantillana. This center provides comprehensive medical and psychological services to more than 60 residents.


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SAMU opened Temporary Emergency Shelter units to accommodate groups such as immigrants, refugees, battered women, etc. These units were established from 2007 to 2009 in Almería, Algeciras and Motril.


750 children have been treated in our centers and reception units.

Improvements in equipment and facilities to deliver maximum results.

Annual plan of activities subject to quality indicators.

Alliances with entities related to project implementations.

People-centered projects and individualized work plans.

Multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals.

Schooling 92% of children in care in our centers.

Professional integration programs supervised by career counseling experts.

Shares of coexistence and integration into the community of people at risk of exclusion.

Organizing hundreds of extracurricular activities of great value.

Intervention in more than 20 countries on insertion and protection of disadvantaged.

95.2% satisfaction of users and professionals in 2013.