Special care and passion

SAMU has extensive experience in caring for people with brain damage and behavioral disorders. For example, our Santa Ana residence, a configured center designed to offer comprehensive care to dependent people over 16 years old with a degree of disability in which they need others’ help to perform daily activities and cannot be cared for at home.


Why is our residence important?

It has integrative capability and trains people with severe disabilities through psychosocial rehabilitation programs to prevent social exclusion.

We focus on our residents’ psychosocial and socio-health, in order to enhance self-sufficiency, autonomy and independence and improve the quality of both their own and their families’ lives.


Santa Ana Services

Medical and Nursing

Formed by a psychiatrist and 4 DUES, 24 hours a day, offering tailored to each resident care, pathology and morbidity.

Psychology Service

To achieve personal and group balance problems locating and orienting their therapies. Search social resources to improve the lives of residents.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Oriented maintenance, improvement and recovery of psychomotor deficiencies improve a resident's autonomy and quality of life

Occupational Therapy

Focused on improving the quality of life of those admitted through individualized recreational activities, intellectual, social and manual dexterity character.

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