Caring for children is one of our top priorities

SAMU has experience in caring for children in units such as the Temporary Shelter and permanent residential centers, ensuring a new life of security, socio-labor integration and learning.

They have recently treated more than 750 children.

  • Unit Temporary Emergency Shelter (UATE)
  • Immediate Reception Centers (CAI)
  • Basic Residential Centres
  • Project ``Path to autonomy and freedom``

Counseling Center and SAMU Social and Labour Insertion Motril

The Child Protection Center coordinated with the Government of Andalusia under the Provincial Delegation of Health and Welfare Granada, is located in the center of Motril.

The center is currently working with an Orientation and Social Integration Program directed at sheltered children.

Profile of minors

  • Preferably teens between the ages of 16 and 18 years old.
  • Unaccompanied children / as (MENAS).
  • Spanish children / as protected by the Child Protective Service of the Government of Andalusia.

Objectives of professional action

  • Bring happiness to our users.
  • Instill the value of responsibility. 
  • Social and labor inclusion.
  • Offer a service to society.


  • Teach healthy lifestyles.
  • Teaching values: respect, honesty, commitment, loyalty and self-improvement.
  • Educating in social and work skills that promote integration into society and the job market.

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