Small acts lead to big victories

The SAMU Foundation is “a foundational health entity” that seeks to achieve the purposes of general non-profit organizations in the Andalusian Autonomous Community. Founded in 2007, the Foundation specializes in providing healthcare and social emergency services, attention to people in need, attention to immigrants and international intervention in disasters . The foundation has led or participated in projects to help disabled people, in projects to provide health education for adults, in international vaccination campaigns and in projects to provide medical attention to disaster areas.

The foundation of our philosophy is based on personalized attention. We work to create a service that will last, maintain a close relationship based on respect and attention, enhance the self-esteem of our residents and stimulate vital interest.

The SAMU Foundation committed to promoting equal opportunities and improving the quality of life of people and groups in need. A challenge that makes us outdo ourselves everyday for a better future.


Achievements of our foundation

  • Developed a set of principles to improve the quality of life of people with severe disabilities.
  • Provide individualized care to each client.
  • Maintain and improve the current leisure activities and free time
  • Interacting and communicating with other community services.
  • Individualized support and standardized entertainment for people.
  • Plan focused on the specific support and needs required for every group of people.
  • Seize opportunities for independent living
  • Building connections between people and the community.
  • Coordinate with the government to directly support these people.

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