Spanish Society of Medicine For Catastrophes

SEMECA is the Spanish Society for Disaster Medicine, constituted as a scientific society, open to all people and institutions related to catastrophic situations, disasters and complex emergencies institutions.

SEMECA encourages active humanitarianism through research and development activities in crisis situations. Every year it organizes a scientific Conference attended by about 300 professionals.


Projects and collaborations

  • Increases logistics capacity
  • Broadcasting Society
  • Realization of the V Conference of Disaster Medicine
  • Operation Hope. Transporting Guatemalan children to Spain for surgery
  • Earthquake in Algeria
  • Earthquake in Bam (Iran)
  • Earthquake in Al Hoceima (Morocco)
  • March 11 (Madrid)
  • Floods Jimaní (Dominican R.)
  • C fire. commercial Asuncion (Paraguay)
  • Training in Chinguetti (Mauritania)
  • Tsunami in Sri Lanka
  • Tsunami in Sumatra
  • Tormental tropical in Guatemala

Financing and investments


Most of the financial contributions that we receive come from partners. We received large grants from the City of Seville, the Canario Emergency Department and the Huesca College of Nursing. We have also received invaluable assistance from the SAMU of Sevilla, University of Miguel Hernández in Elche and the Canario Emergency Department.

What are the investments used for?

The proceeds go entirely toward covering the costs of maintaining the Company and those originating in the missions of international cooperation (insurance, transportation, communications, material).

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