Health and emergencies

For over 30 years our challenge is to innovate every day. Something we are the oldest emergency service and the first to introduce the UVI.

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SAMU School

If a company you trust your health training is SAMU: we are leaders specializing in emergency, humanitarian action and disaster training.

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Social action

We provide an adequate response to people in need. We have 11 professions in the health care sector and 6 centers throughout Spain.

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Since 1980, we have been innovative emergency specialists present in more than 20 countries and 10 major world events.

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We support organizations in the health sector by providing social, health and other essential services. Moreover, we also provide transport, cleaning, laundry, modular construction and maintenance services.

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We started Infoemergencias, the first magazine of emergencies and humanitarian crises, which is distributed to more than 5,000 professionals in the healthcare sector.

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Emergency services. Consultancy and advice. Emergency training. Care for immigrant children, the elderly, and those with mental disabilities.

About SAMU

Started in Spain, SAMU has over 30 years experience in the health, social action and emergencies industries. Founded in 1981 by Dr. Carlos Alvarez Leiva, SAMU has 12 offices in seven provinces and has international presence in countries such as Brazil. We employ more than 300 professionals and have trained more than 10,000 students in health and emergencies.





New times, new challenges

In SAMU we worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people. All our services are focused on SAMU to the good of society. And why do people in our team because we admire them as professionals and enjoy decent living conditions and stable employment. In short, we care for those who look after you.


We saved the lives of our patients.


We encourage happiness and autonomy of our subsidiaries.

Social action

We give opportunities to groups that do not have.


We provide training focused on finding a good job.

``We love saving lives``


Our mission gives meaning to our daily lives: consolidate our position as a prestigious organization and give excellent medical care for people in need, with the aim of starting new innovative projects.


Our vision is to continue moving forward: our vision includes the goals to continuously improve, preserve and enrich the lives of those who depend on us, and develop more efficient health care methods.


Quality, warmth, honesty, transparency, respect, equity, efficiency, commitment, loyalty, flexibility, initiative, friendship, professionalism.